12 January 2014

Hello! | はじめまして!

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is ebinosuke (I made up this name by combining my two favorite Kabuki actors' names Ichikawa EBIzou and Onoe KikuNOSUKE, in case you're curious).

My British husband and I just moved to a small cottage in a small village just inside M25 a couple months ago. As I'd spent most of my adult life in some big (or bigish) cities, moving to a countryside was a big change.  And so far, it's turned out all good.

This blog is going to be my little journal about the things I love (travel, good food, art, etc) and my experience both in town and country. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

ebinosuke と申します(大好きな歌舞伎役者、市川海老蔵と尾上菊之助から名前を頂戴しました)。



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