13 November 2014

[NTL] Frankenstein | [NTL] フランケンシュタイン

Writer: Nick Dear, based on the novel by Mary Shelley
Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny Lee Miller, Naomie Harris, Karl Johnson
Director: Danny Boyle

I'd been waiting for this National Theatre Live, Frankenstein! In this play, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller play Dr. Victor Frankenstein and the Creature alternately each day. The one with Miller as the Creature (version M) was screened first and then after a week Cumberbatch as the Creature (version C).

As for the version M, I felt strong sympathy for the Creature. The play started with the birth of the Creature, struggling to stand up. He was like a new born fawn...Miller's Creature highlighted his innocence and was almost charming, so it didn't make sense to me that Victor was scared of him and ran away. On the other hand in the version C, the Creature was really creepy. It is difficult to put into words but he wasn't humane at all. Because of that, him seeking for love looked even sadder. Victor played by Cumberbatch was full of "I'm genius, I'm God" type of arrogance, but Victor played by Miller seemed an ordinary man. In both versions, I felt that Cumberbatch played something beyond us and Miller was easier to identify with.

The stage with rotating facility and passage through the audience seats which has a hole reminded me of a Kabuki stage. Hundreds of filament bulbs hanging from the ceiling were very effective.

It's amazing that Mary Shelley wrote this universal story at the age of eighteen. As I'd never read it, I got the book the other day. Well, what a long prologue! I'm on the page 21 and no sign of the Creature yet!


このお芝居、主演のベネディクト・カンバーバッチとジョニー・リー・ミラーが、ヴィクター・フランケンシュタイン博士とクリーチャーを日替わりで交互に演じていて、今回は最初にミラー = クリーチャー版(ミラー版)、その1週間後にカンバーバッチ = クリーチャー版(カンバーバッチ版)が上映されました。


一方、ミラー版のカンバーバッチ演じるヴィクターは、「俺は神だー」 という類の傲慢さを撒き散らしていて、カンバーバッチ版のミラー演じるヴィクターは灰汁の強さみたいなものはなくて、ごく普通の人、という感じでしたねー。

両方のお芝居で カンバーバッチは人間を超越した何者か、を演じていて、ミラーは観客が共感できる人物を演じていたように感じました。



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