7 July 2015


 Writer/Director: debbie tucker green
Stars: Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Claire Rushbrook, Shane Zaza

Marianne Jean-Baptiste was a star in this play! It was as if she was blessed by the god of acting. Immediately after the last scene, she looked to be overwhelmed by emotions she herself created. The play is set in a office-looking room and the story is told only through the conversation between the three characters. This conversation had a rhythmic quality. At first it was very unclear what they were talking about and the play had rather comical tone. Then gradually things became clear... I'd love to see this play again! 


このお芝居、オフィス然とした無機質な空間で繰り広げられる 3 人の登場人物の会話だけで物語が進んでいきます。 この 3 人の応酬、すごくリズミカルでした。


これ、もう 1 回観てみたいです。


もうひとつのブログ『英国的庭仕事雑記帳』では、BBC ドラマ『Wolf Hall』の撮影に使用されたペンズハースト・プレイス & ガーデンズの庭について綴っています。

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