14 July 2015

AMY | エイミー・ワインハウスのドキュメンタリー映画

 Director: Asif Kapadia

I'd never heard the singer Amy Winehouse until I saw the news of her death at the age of 27 in 2011. I then listened to her music and her soulful voice for the first time and thought "what a talent we've lost!"

This documentary film AMY follows her life and career with old footage, interviews with people around her, unreleased video and audio. She was known for her wild private life and it was heart breaking to see a young gifted girl being ruined in the film. But I could see that how her lyrics and her life were tightly connected, so I guess If she had led a "normal" life, her great music would have not been delivered...Still I wish I could listen to her singing as a mature woman.



破天荒な私生活で知られた彼女ですが、もうねー、才能ある若い女性が壊れていく様が観ていて居た堪れなかった。。。でも、映画では、エイミーの書く歌詞がいかに 彼女の私生活を赤裸々に反映しているか、が見てとれるようになっていて、ということは、彼女が「まともな」生活をしていたら、あの歌もこの歌も生まれなかったんだよなー、というジレンマ。


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