24 September 2014

RHS Garden Wisley | ウィズリー・ガーデン

I visited RHS Garden Wisley last Sunday. I joined the RHS so many months ago and finally I had a chance! (The entrance fee is free for members.)


There are all sorts of gardens in a massive site; mixed borders, a rock garden, a rose garden, some woodland, a kitchen garden, an orchard, green houses, etc...even a parade of huge bonsai. Almost all the plants are labeled which is very useful. I got into a shopping mode at some point to look for plants for our garden rather than admiring the gardens :-D


Realised the charm of ornamental grasses for the first time. Very autumnal with fluffy heads chatching the sun and swinging in breeze.
Erigeron Karvinskianus. The flower colour changes from white to pink. Very pretty when planted by the wall.
Maybe I can introduce this one soon.
Love these sphire shaped flowers! From top to bottom: Echinops ritro 'Veitch's Blue', Succisella Inflexa 'Frosted Pearls'.
球状の花がかわいい!上からエキノプス 'ヴィーチズ・ブルー'、サクシセラ・フロステッドバールズ。
I also loved these flowers but they didn't have the labels. Is the right one a kind of scabiosas?
Edit 1: Thanks to my friend, I now know the left one is Salvia 'Phyllis' Fancy'.
追記:友人の協力により左側の花が「サルビア 'Phyllis' Fancy'」であることが判明。

What amazed me about Wisley was that the borders were full of plants and they were all in bloom (our border has quite a few gaps between the flowers but then our garden isn't Wisley). How do they create the layout of flowers for different seasons? I should go back in different seasons!


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