7 September 2014

Musical holiday in Austria - Salzburg 2 | オーストリア 音楽三昧のたび - ザルツブルク編 ②

Even though it was middle of the festival, Salzburg was quiet rather then festive. But it was packed in front of the venue - a lot of people dressed up. I saw quite a few people in Austrian traditional costumes (and even some Japanese people in kimonos!).

I'd never seen the opera Don Giovanni. I booked the tickets only because it seemed appropriate to see something by Mozart in Salzburg. I read the synopsis in the morning and got shocked by the fact that Don Giovanni was such a bastard! Whenever he sees a woman, he can't help seducing her. The opera opens with him sneaking into the bedroom of Donna Anna who has a fiancee. Her father comes to save her honour and Don Giovanni stabbed her father to death. He's a criminal!

So with great curiosity, we went to our seats and got shocked. Our seats were stools. Three and half hours with my feet not touching the ground...Yes, I bought the second cheapest tickets and noticed that there was a big price gap between the second cheapest and the third cheapest, but... Anyway it was OK once I got drawn to the opera.

Don Giovanni was played by Ildebrando D’Arcangelo whose sweet face and deep voice suited the character. He hurt women based on his selfish theory but somehow it was difficult to hate him. The charming ending showed that the opera depicted his freedom positively. Anett Fritsch as Donna Elvira left me with a strong impression. After only three days of marriage, Don Giovanni left her. Naturally she was very angry but still in love with him. If I were her friend, I would persuade her to forget him. But listening to her emotional singing made me feel deep empathy for her. I liked a clown character Leporello by Luca Pisaroni. He was Don Giovanni's servant and was always used by him. Pity him! He did a great deal for the comical scenes. He received massive applause at curtain call. And music by Mozart! Especially when Don Giovanni fell into the hell, it was as dramatic as Hollywood film music. The performance of Vienna Philharmonic was superb...









Don Giovanni
Vienna Philharmonic
Conductor: Christoph Eschenbach
Don Giovanni: Ildebrando D’Arcangelo
Donna Anna: Lenneke Ruiten
Donna Elvira: Anett Fritsch
Zerlina: Valentina Nafornita
Leporello: Luca Pisaroni
Il Commendatore: Tomasz Konieczny
Don Ottavio: Andrew Staples
Masetto: Alessio Arduini

The next morning at 11 o'clock, I went to a Vienna Philharmonic concert with my friend's dad. The venue was the Great Festival Hall whose acoustic was amazing, even the tuning of the instruments was like beautiful music. The program was Symphony No. 4 in C minor D 417, "Tragic" by Franz Schubert and Chubert and Symphony No. 6 in A by Anton Bruckner. Both pieces are not played often. I thought they should be played more often. Especially the Bruckner was very powerful with a big orchestra (about 80 members). My body was wrapped in sound at the climax of the music. The conductor Riccardo Muti was like a boss easy to work with who is not bossy and whose instructions are clear. According to Wikipedia he often catches flu and cancels the concerts in winter...So I left Salzburg with great satisfaction and headed to Schlierbach where my friend lives.


フランツ・シューベルト 交響曲 第4番 ハ短調D 417「悲劇的」
アントン・ブルックナー 交響曲 第6番 イ長調


指揮者のリカルド・ムーティ氏の指揮は、「指示が的確でいばったりせず、一緒に仕事がしやすい上司」 という感じ。Wikiの情報によるとムーティ氏、インフルエンザに感染しやすく、冬場はコンサートのキャンセルがままあるとか。。


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