10 September 2014

End of summer | 夏の終わり

Honeysuckle berries are getting their colour. I remember that there were a lot of red berries when we moved in last autumn.

The temperature has dropped since the end of August and although it's been milder since the beginning of this month, the day time has been getting shorter and shorter. Autumn is almost there in England. We've experienced (almost) all four seasons since we moved to this cottage. Our garden was full of flowers in spring but by the end of June it got greener with less flowers. Now in September, I've started to sow seeds and plant bulbs which flower in spring and summer. I'm thinking about getting more summer flowering perennials, so I often stand in the middle of the garden and get the ideas what and where I should plant, dreaming about my imaginary garden. I guess autumn is the beginning of the gardening cycle.


Hydrangea paniculata Little Lime ('Jane') (PBR)

We got rid of the bulky shrub with plenty of leaves and no flower from the corner of the garden. I planted a lovely hydrangea there. I love its colours, from lime green to pink!

This rose is going to have the forth flush of flowers.
Sedum autumn joy. Pretty pink colour a bit like a blushed cheek.
乙女の頬のようにほんのりピンクに染まったセダム オータムジョイ。
Found many flower buds of ceanothus. Looking forward to seeing all of them flowering in spring!
Time is running out for the edamame in our vegetable patch. But look, aren't they flower buds? Maybe I should keep my hope a little longer.

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