11 February 2015

Paris in winter 2015 (2) | 冬のパリへ 2015 ②

One of the greatest highlights of Paris is its food (no wonder!) We visited several lovely restaurants, mainly French this time.


Right next to Marché des Enfants Rouges in the north Marais, there is this little cosy restaurant Les Enfants Rouges. When we arrived at 20.00ish, there were some empty tables, but by the time we had our main courses the place was packed. The dishes by a Japanese chef are very French with a hint of Japanese ingredients. The three course meal was 40 EUR and our choices were...

{My husband}
Boudin noir terrine
Roast veal
Blue cheese cheesecake with salted caramel ice cream

Pie of risotto with celeriac and crab meat, lobster sauce
Croquette of pettitoes
Chocolate mousse cake with blackcurrant sauce and sheep milk ice cream

Everything was so delicious! Especially I loved the lobster sauce from my starter which was full of lobster flavour and the cheesecake. It was bonus for me to have a lot of vegetable with the main course.

I've heard there are quite a few Japanese chefs in French restaurants in Paris. They must be very good to be recognised. Also I admire the Parisian's fairness as it doesn't matter for them where the chef is from so long as his food is good.

北マレのアンファン・ルージュ市場のすぐ隣にある小さなレストラン Les Enfants Rouges。

ブルーチーズケーキ 塩キャラメルのアイスクリーム

根セロリとカニのリゾットのパイ包み オマール海老のソース
チョコレートムースのケーキ カシス・ソース 羊乳のアイスクリーム

特に前菜の「根セロリとカニのリゾットのパイ包み オマール海老のソース」の海老の風味がギュッとつまったソースとデザートのブルーチーズケーキが絶品。


Les Enfants Rouges
9 rue de Beauce 75003 Paris
Tel +33 (0)1 48 87 80 61

We had a lunch at our "a must go" bistro Chez Janou. Booking is essential for dinner but it was OK just popping in for lunch that day. Their set menu for lunch doesn't offer a lot of choices but very reasonably priced; 15 EUR for 2 course and 22 EUR for 3 courses.

ある日のランチに向かったのは、わたし達の定番ビストロ Chez Janou。

The starter from the set menu was salad with duck gizzards. I'd never had duck gizzards before and its texture was very meaty and completely different from chicken gizzards. It had rich duck flavour and encouraged me to have more red wine. The main course was lamb steak with Parmigiana. Although it was tasty, it was quite well done as I asked medium rare. I should say pink next time.


メインは「ラム モモ肉のステーキ 茄子グラタン」

And my husband's favourite dessert chocolate mousse. A huge bowl of mousse was left on our table and we were allowed to help ourselves as much as we wanted! This mousse must be famous as I saw many other customers ordered it too. The food here had tasted a little bit too salty to me until our last visit but this time it was spot on. Every dish felt even tastier.



Chez Janou
2 Rue Roger Verlomme, 75003 Paris, France
Tel +33 1 42 72 28 41

To be continued...


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