13 October 2014

Peruvian lunch in Covent Garden | コヴェント・ガーデンのペルー・レストラン

No doubt one of the things about London is a diversity of cultures with people from all over the world. This also applies to its food, of course. Without having to fly abroad, you can enjoy all sorts of cuisines! The other day, I had a lunch at a Peruvian restaurant in Covent Garden with a friend of mine whom I saw after six years. This newly opened restaurant Lima has another branch in Fitzrobia which has got a Michelin star. There is a lunch/pre-theatre set menu for £17.50 for two course and £19.50 for three course including a glass of wine. We decided to go for the three course one to choose from two starters, three main courses and two desserts, and have different dishes to share.

というわけで、6年ぶり(!)の再会を果たした友人とペルー料理のお店にランチに行ってきました。今年の7月、コヴェント・ガーデンにオープンした Lima はフィッツロビアに本店があって、こちらはミシュランの一つ星を獲得しています。


One of the starters was seared beef with lovely chilli oil. Another starter was salmon ceviche flavoured with lime and chilli. 

This main course with beef was a bit like Chinese stir fry with black vinegar sauce. It would have gone really well with rice.
Another main course was pan fried hake with crispy skin. Loved mashed Cuzco corn underneath.

This dessert with sweet potato and shaved ice reminded me of Vietnamese Chè.
At the rim of  the bowl were shiso (A Japanese herb similar to basil) sprouts.

From my impression of Peru like Andes mountains, condors flying in the big sky...I expected the dishes would be something rustic, but they were all beautifully presented and delicately flavoured. Peruvian cuisine is a combination of their native food culture and migrants' food cultures. It makes sense that they use some familiar ingredients for me such as soy sauce and shiso. My friend and I were busy discussing about the dishes and catching up at the same time. Unfortunately we only had two hours which obviously were not enough at all. Hope to see her soon, not after six years!  



Lima Floral
14 Garrick Street (Floral Street entrance), Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9BJ
Tel 0207 240 5778

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