26 February 2014

Cutie and the Boxer | キューティー&ボクサー

Director: Zachary Heinzerling
Writer: Zachary Heinzerling
Stars: Ushio Shinohara, Noriko Shinohara, Alex Shinohara

This fascinating documentary film about a Japanese contemporary artist Ushio Shinohara (Gyu-chan) in New York and his wife Noriko who is also an artist, and their marriage life for over 40 years was broadcasted on BBC4 about 10 days ago. It may be one of the most romantic film I've seen recently. The film was so powerful that it still sticks in my head.

When Noriko was 19, she went to New York, met Gyu-chan who was much older than her, and fell in love with him. They got married and had a son. But Gyu-chan's first and only priority was art. He couldn't sell his works and drank a lot. She had no choice but played roles as a wife, a mother, and an assistant. It was difficult for her to find the time for her own art. Gradually, she found a way to express herself by drawing their marriage life through the characters Cutie and Bully that reflect her and her husband.

Oh dear, Gyu-chan is a typical Peter Pan! Yes he's an interesting artist, but as a partner to make living together...??? I'm surprised that their marriage has survived so long.  Perhaps it's because there is a strong bond between them as artists..

My favourite scene is where Gyu-chan went off to Japan even though they didn't have enough money. Noriko saw him off with a lot of complaints, but when he got back, she dashed to the front door. She loves him so much, doesn't she!

In this film, the story was told from Noriko's viewpoint. I'm also interested to hear the story from Gyu-chan's point of view.


やがて 乃り子さんは、自分たちを投影したキューティとブリーというキャラクターをとおして結婚生活をドローイングで描く、という自身のアートを見つけます。




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