12 February 2014

Paris in winter 2 | 冬のパリへ②

Another highlight of this trip was beautiful food! We visited some lovely restaurants...


The first one is a Cambodian restaurant in Oberkampf. I had lunch with a friend of mine C who'd just started her new life in Paris. The restaurant is very tiny and you have to squeeze yourself into a seat, but very cozy and the staff are very friendly and helpful (they even have a Japanese menu!)


Bobun with fresh prawns and crunchy spring rolls.

Natin, recommended by a waitress. I loved it! A perfect harmony of coconut milk, herbs, and spices..

I love French cuisine but it's always good to know about Asian restaurants so that I can give my stomach some rest :-)


Le Cambodge
10 Avenue Richerand, 75010 Paris
Tel +33 1 44 84 37 70


Of course we went to a French restaurant as well. Chez Janou is a Provençal bistro and our favourite.

もちろん、フランス料理もいただきましたよ。こちらの Chez Janou は、プロヴァンス料理を楽しめるビストロ。わたし達のお気に入りです。

Always busy and lively.

I had rabbit confit. Pink pepper was a nice touch.

If you have a chance to go to this restaurant, don't forget to order chocolate mousse for dessert ;-)


Chez Janou
2 Rue Roger Verlomme, 75003 Paris, France
Tel +33 1 42 72 28 41

We were walking down to the falafel place in le Marais when we found this American style deli and decided to eat there instead. 


Pastrami sandwich. Gigantic! Unique-cut chips were moreish.

Although I enjoyed my sandwich, it was far too big and I felt guilty as I had to leave most of it. So I would recommend this restaurant if you are veeeeeery hungry!

サンドイッチ、美味しかったのですが、とにかく大き過ぎ。ほとんど残すことになって、少々後味悪かったです。どうにも腹ペコ!というときに 行くべきレストランですね、ここは!

Schwartz's Deli
16 rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris
Tel +33 1 48 87 31 29

C and her partner N took us to this fantastic Moroccan restaurant in the south of Paris. It's a very pleasant little place with authentic food. Another good thing about this restaurant is that you can bring your own bottle(s) of wine without corkage. I'll definitely go back!


Le Tagine
10 Rue Sophie Germain 75014 Paris
Tel +33 1 43 27 56 49

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