8 December 2014

Cristmas at Polesden Lacey | エドワーディアンなクリスマス

I think English people are super passionate about Christmas, almost obsessed! My husband and I visited Polesden Lacey again to get some hints for Christmas decoration yesterday.

夏にも訪れた Polesden Lacey で、そんな気合の入ったクリスマスの一端を体験してきました。
ちなみに、「エドワーディアン」 とは、エドワード7世(在位1901~1910年)の治世を指します。

Top: The whole estate becomes an advent calender.
Bottom: Very Christmassy horse carriage. Popular for children.

In the dining room, the table was set for the Christmas dinner guests.


Left: Seating chart. The hostess Mrs. Greville would carefully consider for weeks who was going to sit next to whom. It is still important, isn't it?
Right: Look, what a neat job!

写真左:席次表。女主人だった Greville 夫人は何週間も前から、誰の隣にだれが座るか、に頭を悩ませていたそう。確かに大事、ですよね。

Apparently it took whole staff two weeks to decorate the house. It was surely worth it!

The house is open every weekend until Christmas. The fees of £4 adult, £2 child, £10 family apply including National Trust members. But you're treated with free mulled wine and Dundee cake and there are some workshops.


普段、ナショナル・トラストの会員は入場無料なのですが、期間中は入場料が必要(大人 £4、子供 £2、家族 £10 )。 その分、無料のモールドワインやダンディーケーキでもてなしてくれたり、各種ワークショップがあったりします。

Veggies for Christmas dinner in the kitchen garden. Huge parsnips!

The sky is already like this at 15:00. Christmas must be the driving force for people to survive the English dark winter...


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