10 December 2014

Mr. Turner | ミスター・ターナー

Director: Mike Leigh
Writer: Mike Leigh
Stars: Timothy Spall, Dorothy Atkinson, Paul Jesson, Marion Bailey

J.M.W Turner is surely one of the most respected artists in the UK. There's a contemporary art prize called Turner Prize. MR. TURNER is a biographical film focusing on the kind of person Turner was and depicting the latter half of his life.  Even though it is a long film for two and half hours and nothing dramatic happens, it doesn't feel that long. Turner is played by Timothy Spall who often appears in Mike Leigh films. He was spot on! Turner was born as a son of a barber and became an art master. I went to a Turner exhibition some years ago and found an anecdote of his kind of bullying his fellow painter. What a nasty man...It looks like he wasn't a lovable person. He would paint with massive energy and his confidence about his works almost reached arrogance (he smirked at the paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood artists!). Because of that it was even more miserable that as he grew older no one understood his works. In his later works everything is shapeless. I'd assumed that was the result of his artistic experiment but that was partly because he had bad eye sight. The landscape in the film was as beautiful as the one in Turner's paintings. Incidentally there is an exhibition at Tate Britain called "Late Turner" at the moment (until 25/01/15) which makes the film even more interesting.







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