12 August 2014

A visit from an old friend | 有朋自遠方来

One of my best friends from secondary school in Japan came over to England for a week with her two daughters. They stayed in London and went to a language school together during weekday and visited our place on Saturday. We arranged to meet up at our nearest train station, but she fell asleep on the train and missed the station! My husband and I were driving alongside the railway while I was contacting her via LINE. We managed to see each other two stations ahead thanks for LINE (what a useful technological world we live in!).

We wanted them spend "typical" English weekend. So we drove off to a vintage fair called Firle Vintage Summer Fair Sussex. In the garden of the beautiful country house, there were a lot of antique and vintage stalls. There were quite a few French antiques which I love. Live Jazz music, food stalls, a pond with water lilies...I could've spend there all day.


この Firle Vintage Summer Fair Sussex 、 カントリー・ハウスの庭にアンティーク、ヴィンテージのストールがズラリ。フレンチ・アンティークが結構ありましたねー。流行ってるんでしょうか?

After treasure hunting, we had early dinner in our garden. The menu was typical English summer food, a barbie! I cooked some Mediterranean themed dishes.


Clockwise from the top left photo; Burrata and tomatoes, Moroccan marinaded peppers, Salad with pearl barley and flat leaf parsley, Minced beef + lamb kebab, Chicken marinaded with oregano and lemon.  

We opened a bottle of champagne which we bought in France last month...Mmm, heavenly! They went off to Paris on the following day. Hope they have a lot of fun there!


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