24 January 2015

Light/Theatre Ad Infinitum

Writer/Director: George Mann
Performers: Charlotte Dubery, Matthew Gurney, Robin Guiver, Deborah Pugh, Michael Sharman
Composer and Sound Designer: Chris Bartholomew
Light Consultant and Production Electrician: Matthew Leventhall

Light by Theatre Ad Infinitum is a part of  London International Mime Festival 2015. It was the third time I had seen this company. Their shows are very different every time which always surprises me in a good way.

This time, it is Sci-Fi. The story is set in a dictatorship nation in the near future where the government manipulates people's thought. Alex is a son of the dictator and is ordered to capture a rebellious "terrorist"... The theatre was pitch-dark and scenes were created with mobile lighting such as torches. The lighting, music and performers' movements were choreographed in a very complicated and fast moving way, and everything was spot-on despite being in complete darkness! Yet they managed to deliver characters and emotions. At the post show Q&A, the writer/director George Mann said something like he focused on putting heart into the choreography rather than the choreography itself. He wrote this play inspired by Edward Snowden's revelation. It was a thrilling Sci-Fi fantasy based on the question of how much a nation can step into people's privacy to protect its security.

I'm already looking forward to their next production!

ロンドン国際マイム・フェスティバルの一環として上演された Theatre Ad Infinitum の『Light』を観に行ってきました。 

で、今回は SF。
その独裁者を父親に持つアレックスは、国家に反逆する "テロリスト" を捕まえるよう命じられて。。

終演後の Q&A で監督・脚本のジョージ・マン氏が

エドワード・スノーデンの告発に刺激を受けて脚本を書いたそうなのですが、治安を守るために国家がどこまで個人のプライバシーに踏み込むのか。。という今まさに議論されているテーマが、スリリングな SF ファンタジーになっていて、文字どおり手に汗握る70分間でありました。

Theatre Ad Infinitum、次回作も楽しみだー!



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