4 January 2015

Paddington | パディントン

Director: Paul King
Writer: Paul King, Hamish McColl, Michael Bond 
Stars: Ben Whishaw, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Peter Capaldi, Nicole Kidman
2014/UK = France

Happy New Year! May this new year bring you lots of smile and happiness.

The first film of this year was PADDINGTON. When I first saw the poster of this film, I thought that Paddington was too beary and the film would be for children. But more than one friend have told me good things about the film and I became curious. Now I'm glad I went see this one! Both adults and children can enjoy this film. There are some jokes only adults can get and other jokes only children laugh their heads off. Paddington came to London from darkest Peru. He met the Brown family at Paddington station and they kindly took him home. He went on an adventure to seek his "home" (and he caused a lot of trouble). As an immigrant myself, I couldn't help feeling empathy for him. The film is a bit like a London promotion film in a positive way which depicts beautiful scenery as well as its tolerance for people from different parts of the world. And the computer graphics were very convincing. Paddington is a bit scary in the poster but he was cute in the film. I loved Peter Capaldi from Doctor Who playing a miserable old man!






個人的には、Doctor Who の Peter Capaldi がしょぼいオヤジを好演してたのがツボ、でありました。


One of my new year's resolutions is "more gardening". To record what's happening in our garden, I've just started a new blog here (sorry, it's only in Japanese though).

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