29 January 2015


Writer/Director: Suzanne Andrade
Film, Animation & Design: Paul Barritt
Music: Lillian Henley
Costume: Sarah Munro
Performers: Esme Appleton, Will Close, Lillian Henley, Rose Robinson, Shamira Turner

Based on a Jewish myth, Golem by East London based 1927 shows us a modern society controlled by information derived from marketing.

One day, an ordinary young man Robert gets a Golem created from mud. Golem obeys Robert's orders and even works at his company instead of him. Golem would give him some useful advice and by listening to this advice, his life is gradually taken over by Golem... What is amazing about this play is that this Golem is in CG. All the backgrounds are animated images projected on panels. And the CG and performers are merged perfectly. It is like the performers look like 2D rather than the CG looks like 3D. Live music by the keyboard and the drums makes scenes alive.

We receive information delivered by computer all the time. This play throws a question; don't you let the marketing make your own decisions? I want to say "No", but to think about it, I am often tempted by personalized recommendations from Amazon. It's scary to think that my life is manipulated without my knowing it.

I loved the costumes which reminded me of  70s.

東ロンドンを拠点に活動している劇団 1927 の『Golem』は、この伝承を下敷きに、「マーケティングに基づく情報」が支配する現代社会の姿を映し出しておりました。


何がすごかったって、このゴーレムが CG なのですよ。背景も全部パネルに映ったアニメーション。この CG と役者さんたちが、めちゃくちゃ馴染んでましたねー。CG が立体的、というよりは役者さんたちが平面になったような感じで。


My husband and I had a quick dinner before the show at The Cut in Young Vic. The food was OK but it had a lovely buzzy atmosphere. I'd love to pop in to have a glass of wine or two even when I'm not seeing any play there.

このお芝居、Young Vic で観たのですが、始まる前に劇場に入っているカフェ The Cut でささっと食事しました。

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