13 September 2015

45 Years | さざなみ

Director: Andrew Haigh
Writer: David Constantine (short story), Andrew Haigh (adaptation)
Stars:  Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtenay

The two leading actors in this film were the real stars with their subtle performance which made me imagine what their long marriage was like.

Kate and Geoff live in the countryside in Norfolk. One Monday morning, which is five days before their 45th anniversary do, Geoff receives an unexpected letter. The film 45 YEARS depicts their days up to the party in which they are emotionally uncomfortable but calmly manage their daily routines.

Well, the following could be a big spoiler, so if you think about going see this film please close the window now...




Right. The letter was from German Authority and told that Geoff's ex-girlfriend Katya's body was found in The Swiss Alps (and her body was perfectly preserved). Katya slipped into an Alpine crevasse 50 years ago, before he met Kate. Geoff is drawn back to the past and sneaks out of the bed in the middle of the night to look for the old photos in the attic. Meanwhile Kate, who has rarely heard about Katya, tries to be calm but we can see she gets anxious through her eyes. And she went to the attic to see the slides of  Katya and knew what she was supposed not to know...It wasn't suspenseful nor melodramatic which I liked.

It's just occurred to me that this story would be completely different if Kate and Geoff were reversed (i.e. what if it was Kate who lost her boyfriend in the past...). Even though a separation by death is different from a usual break up, this past might be overwritten by their 45 year marraige and become the complete past?

Anyway, at the party, Geoff makes a very emotional speech. The "I love you" from Geoff was the most moving "I love you" I'd ever heard in any films. And that Kate's indescribable expression at the end of the film! That ending will become history.




ジェフの思いがぎゅっと詰まったスピーチの素晴らしいこと!あんなに心にズシンとくる「I love you」というセリフ、初めてだわ~。

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