18 June 2014

Of Horses and Men | 馬々と人間たち

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson
Writer: Benedikt Erlingsson
Stars: Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson, Charlotte Bøving, Helgi Björnsson
2013/Iceland = Germany

Set in the horse farming community in Iceland, this film consists of a series of quirky episodes with the bleak Icelandic landscape as the background. My husband and I went to see this film only because we went to Iceland and made friends with Icelandic horses in March, and we loved it.

Each episode begins with a close-up of almost emotional horse's eye. Then the stories about life, sexuality, and death of men and horses are told with a bit of dark humour. Each episode has a surprise and this 80 minute film felt really short.

Icelandic horses are a unique species protected over ten centuries and are good actors indeed! They are somehow comical compared to elegant thoroughbred horses. I've never seen a horse swimming in the sea before. Having said that, the main subject of this film is human beings. There are scenes where they discipline the horses very strictly but they themselves are not disciplined at all...however deep their desires are! (that makes our lives fun though)




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